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Executive/Board Member Services

  • Executive and Board Member support/coordination

  • Partner for Executive Team 

    • Meeting set up

    • Task follow-up

    • Executive team guidance and insight to supporting the CEO

    • Aligning strategy and priorities

  • Ensure leadership team is meeting regularly; meeting cadence

  • Direct board member support including coordination across companies

  • Calendaring including professional and personal as needed

  • Travel Planning

  • Trusted sounding board

Facilitation Services

  • Catering for Breakfast/Lunch Orders

  • Conference Room / Meeting Space coordination

  • Supplies as needed for the office or individuals

  • Strategic offsite coordination and facilitation

  • Meeting setup - video conference etc…

Process Services

  • Executive meeting process

    • Leadership Team

    • 1:1’s

    • All-Hands

    • Agenda template creation

  • New Hires/Interviews 

    • CEO on Exec hire interviews

    • Recruiter for team interviews and scheduling

    • New Hire 90 Day lunch with CEO

    • Survey collection data to HR for tracking on employee engagement

    • On-boarding - scheduling new hires with the 'right' people on the team

    • Align all with CEO/team recommendations

Project Services

  • One off projects for executive team

  • Contract revision alignment

  • “Road-show” and Pitch Preparation

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